I have been blessed to receive the endorsement and support of so many wonderful people both in elected office and grassroots activism. Both are essential to growing our party, and bringing our values to the country! 


“I have known Ginger Howard for years.  She has not become a rising star in the Republican Party because of her connection to other people, but because of her own tireless work to advance the principles of the party.  I can think of no finer person to serve as a National Committeewoman than my friend Ginger Howard. More particularly, as a conservative, I realize that if conservatives do not put in a solid conservative, someone who claims to share our values, but really does not share our values may take that seat.  I encourage everyone who believes in the values our party professes to support Ginger.  I know her and know she is what she claims to be and has gotten there in her own right.”

  • Erick Erickson


“Time and time again we’ve seen and experienced Ginger Howard’s commitment to the Republican Party. Ginger’s enthusiasm is contagious and unparalleled. She epitomizes integrity, loyalty and hard work. As a small business owner, Ginger has a unique understanding of the principles that make our country great: opportunity and personal responsibility. Georgians would do well with Ginger Howard serving as Georgia National Committeewoman.”

  • Rick and Anita Perry/Fmr Governor and First Lady of Texas


“I am proud to endorse my good friend Ginger Howard for GAGOP National Committeewoman. Ginger is a staunch constitutional conservative who is committed to working tirelessly to be a strong ambassador for Georgia Republicans. Ginger is a woman of high moral character who I believe will conduct the business of National Committeewoman with dignity, integrity, and honesty.”

  • Tanya Ditty, State Director, Concerned Women for America of Georgia*


“At this critical time, we need a National Committeewoman who can bring the voice of the grassroots to the RNC. Ginger Howard has done the hard work of Republican grassroots politics for years. Her commitment to conservative principles is unmatched. I am proud to lend Ginger my endorsement as she seeks to represent Georgia as our National Committeewoman. Ginger’s inspiring attitude, her principled stands on issues and her boundless energy make her the ideal ambassador for Georgia Republicans. I hope you will join me in voting for Ginger in Augusta!”

  • State Senator Josh McKoon


“Ginger is an individual who possesses the principles, backbone, and grassroots experience needed to
represent Georgia at the RNC. Ginger is one of the hardest working people I know, and she will execute the role of National Committeewoman with grace and integrity. From Waycross to Athens to being a successful business owner in Atlanta, Ginger knows Georgia, and she will make every Republican proud. Steve and I are honored to support Ginger and we hope you will too.”

  • Secretary Karen and Steve Handel/former GA Sec of State


“Ginger is the best Georgian for this position. Her business experience and community involvement provide her with a unique perspective. She possesses firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by small business owners in Georgia, and she has dedicated much of her life to supporting conservative leaders, groups, and campaigns across the state. Ginger is genuine and generous, and I believe she will be a conservative and unifying voice to the RNC”

  • Jackie Gingrich Cushman


“Proven grassroots leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and a can-do attitude make Ginger the smart choice for Georgia!”

  • Jeff Cowart/Chairman McDuffie County Republican Party


“I’m proud to support my colleague and friend Ginger Howard to serve us as the next GAGOP National Committeewoman.  No one better signifies optimism and conservative principles to me than Ginger Howard. I have the utmost faith in her conservative values and I place in her my trust to represent me and the thousands of other young conservatives around Georgia with poise and aplomb as our next GAGOP National Committeewoman.”

  • Robert Lee/Chairman of the Georgia Young Republicans


“Whenever called upon Ginger was always there to help the Fulton County GOP, she has been there for our counties she’ll be there for our state”.

  • Shawn Hanley/Former Chairman Fulton County Republican Party


“I think Ginger Howard is energetic, sincere, and will do the best job for us on a national level.”

  • Ron Johnson/Chairman of Jackson County, Chairman for fewer than 80k
    counties, Chairman of Veterans for GA GOP


“Ginger Howard is the most fiercely committed person I know. As a passionate woman of great faith, Ginger always takes action when she sees injustice or something ‘wrong’ happening. She stands up and calls it out. It is very rare that a person of Ginger’s caliber would be willing to run for any political office; Georgia Republicans would be extremely fortunate to have her represent us at the RNC.”

  • Catherine McDonald/Leader, Atlanta 912


“Ginger Howard embodies a notable passion for the Republican Party. I remember driving down Peachtree Road in the pouring rain on Election Day in November 2012 and seeing Ginger on the sidewalk waving Republican signage, absolutely drenched but fiercely dedicated. It’s that dedication and drive that leads me to believe that Ginger will serve us with the utmost commitment to the RNC.”

  • Sue Everhart/Former Chairmen of the Georgia Republican Party



Camilla J. Moore, Ph.D./Republican National Committee Advisory Council




Liz Hausmann/Fulton County Commissioner, District 3