Birthday Blessings!

I just celebrated another birthday, and I don’t know if others experience birthday blues, but I did a few weeks before the big day.  I think I put certain expectations on myself and when birthdays come around and those expectations have not been met, I become discouraged.   However, my dearest friends and amazing family help bring me out of those blues and translate them into blessings.  My sweet and precious friend, Lee Anne went to NYC with me to buy for the shop the week of my birthday. We had such a special time together. When I got home Thursday night, my mom and Na Na (who is 97 years young) were waiting at my house.

The following day was my actual birthday and my incredible employees had planned a birthday celebration at the shop.  Many fabulous customers came in all day to wish me a happy birthday.

Mom and Na Na and I drove up to the mountains Friday afternoon for a long week-end. The weather was cool, and we had a blazing fire going all the time. I realized this week-end how very blessed I am to have an amazing grandmother who can still travel and have such a fun time. She is a great woman of faith and has taught me volumes about unconditional love. My mother is also my biggest cheerleader. I am so blessed that we all know and love the LORD.

I realize now that birthdays are a celebration of life and that is exactly what I was able to do this birthday. I celebrated life with friends and family.  God is so good and if only we could see all the many blessings He bestows upon us everyday. We would not have to wait for a birthday to come around to tell others they are special to us and we are glad they are alive!  So, I challenge you and myself to celebrate life daily and celebrate your loved ones. Let them know you are glad they are here and be a blessing to everyone you come in contact with!

“So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”  Psalm 90:12