Victory for the People!

“We the People” have spoken loudly and clearly.  Tuesday’s elections  are a direct result of this amazing Republic that we are blessed to live in.  All across America, people used their voice at the ballot box.  It is so encouraging to see such an uprising of great Americans from all walks of life standing as one to say “enough is enough” to big government and out of control spending.

I hope and pray that we truly will see these newly elected officials stand by their promises of stopping this madness in Washington and at the state level.  I am trusting that they will remember that they are our representatives, and  that they represent us.  Unfortunately, my Congressman from the 5th district in Georgia does not adequately represent me or my fellow neighbors.  He had a great opponent, Fenn Little, who was a courageous man to run against an incumbent who has not had a challenger in ten years.   I am so proud of Fenn and his integrity and resolve to at least get out there and give a voice for those of us who feel like we are not being heard.  There is always next time.

We live in an amazing country, and the right to vote is an honor and priviledge, especially for women.  It saddens me to think of the torture that many women went through to grant us the right to vote and many women don’t even bother to let their voice be heard.  Every vote counts, and I have no tolerance for anyone who complains about our government if they don’t even vote themselves.  I love to vote on election day, and I am thrilled to hit the button “cast your ballot.”  I literally smile to myself as I am standing there.   It is great to be an American where you can vote without fear of being harassed or in some cases killed.   Democracy is a wonderful thing, and we must not take it for granted.  We need to teach our children the importance of voting and getting involved in the political process.  “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  I am grateful that good men and women  did something this election cycle by running, even if they did not win.  Many others volunteered their time, gave their money, attended rallies, made phone calls, and waved signs.  It was a united effort and everyone helped in getting these conservatives elected.   So everyone should feel a great sense of accomplishment.

We can take a short breather for now, but soon we’ll be gearing up for another victory in 2012.  Until, then, “We the People” have spoken, and I, for one, like what we have said!