The art of dressing.

I attended a four o’clock wedding today and was truly bewildered by the attire of the women.  There is an art to dressing and unfortunately many ladies have forgotten how or have never learned.  What happened to the days of ladies dressing up or being appropriately dressed?   Etiquette books were written for these occasions, but from the looks of women today, no one is reading them.

Perhaps because I am in the retail business, I am extra sensitive to this issue.  I have a personal and vested interested in women looking their best at all times whether at a wedding or out to lunch with friends. Casual Fridays have morphed into casual every day.  The proper attire for an afternoon wedding is a lovely suit or dress.  I did not see many of those today. Some people were overdressed in sequins.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against sequins. I even wore a sequin skirt to work on Thursday.  After all, fashion is my business, but sequins for an afternoon wedding are a little too much.  Many women were in black. I know it is now acceptable to wear black to a wedding, but I think it is drab and morbid.  Weddings are a celebration, and a church filled with women in black is quite disconcerting to me.  Mothers need to tell their daughters not to wear black until they are eighteen. Young ladies do not look good with such a dark color on them. They need some color to highlight their youthful skin.  Most women were underdressed in casual clothes that were not fitting for such a celebratory event.

The bride and bridesmaids were beautiful, and the wedding was one of the sweetest ceremonies I have been to in a very long time.  And of course, that is the most important aspect of it. It matters not if every woman in the place was dressed to the nines if the ceremony was not based on the true meaning of God’s covenant marriage.  That is truly the most important thing.  After all, “man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:3

However, I still wish every woman would try and look her best every time she is out in public.  One does not need to spend a great deal of money to look great. “Fashion can be  bought. Style one must possess.”

Every woman has her own sense of style, and she can always look her best once she knows her style.  Not every trend is a good look for every figure.  It is true that you never get a second chance to make a first good impression, and that people will treat you as you are dressed. If you want to command attention and make a good impression, go the extra mile to dress like a lady. Put on your suit that is not to tight, and add a strand of pearls. Get a stylish haircut that accentuates your facial features.  Discover your own style and buy clothes that flatter your particular figure.  Wear light make-up and keep your lipstick on.  Most importantly, wear a big smile on your face at all times. Make others feel comfortable when you meet  them.  Dress up when you fly.  You will feel better when you are dressed up and will exude confidence to all whom you meet.

I would love to see a revolution of returning to the days of the fifties when women wore dresses and pearls all the time. Remember June Cleaver greeting Ward every afternoon at the door with her shirtwaist dress, heels and pearls?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful for a feminine revolution to take place on our college campuses instead of shredded jeans and t-shirts?  I would love to lead the charge and challenge all of you women out there to remember your femininity.  Let’s rediscover the art of dressing and dress the part, after all we are women, aren’t we?