Stop the Madness!

I am sick and tired of politicians making decisions based on their own desires, position, and posturing for their next election.  What happened to representing the people who elected them and doing what is right for the country?

We are in a really bad fix in this nation, and the answer is not more spending!  It is time for us to cut our spending, balance our budget and adopt a balanced budget ammendment.  Oh, didn’t the House of Representatives just pass that? But wait, Harry Reid decided to table it and not even bring it up for a vote in the Senate. Ridiculous!

And where is the leadership to stand firm and hold the line and say “enough is enough?” 66% of Americans want us to Cut, Cap and Balance. That is more than half of Americans, yet we have a few bozos who think they know what is best for us!  They are the reason we are in this mess in the first place, and both sides of the aisle are to blame.

The election of 2010 was a referendum on spending, we sent people to Washington to cut spending and stop Obamacare!  We will hold their feet to the fire to accomplish this.

Something is terribly wrong when only  50% of people in this country pay taxes.  Ann Coulter said something very profound the other day.  She said everyone should pay something “even if they have to send in a can of spam.”  After you get a good chuckle about that, you realize it is true. Everyone needs to have some skin in the game.  Of course, when you are just getting hand outs and not contributing to the economy, you don’t care if we have to raise the debt ceiling to pay you your entitlements. All you want is your check.

As I am writing this, I am watching the news and now they are trying to mandate that government pays for birth control pills. Yes, you heard that right!! This is what I am talking about, we have to stop the madness. This is insane!

People do not get their rights from government, they get their rights from God. We are not a compassionate government, when we are spending money that we do not have just so someone will get their check.  I heard a great analogy this morning at church about someone saying what if he loved a ministry so much that he offered to write a check for that ministry for $100 million.  He asked if we would be excited or wonder where the money was coming from? The check is no good if there is not money to back it up.

That is exactly what we are doing in this nation now.  Every dollar we spend, we owe forty- two cents for. Now we are thinking of  raising the debt ceiling, so we can borrow more with no significant cuts in entitlements, which consist of 60% of our spending.

I have a business and if I ran my business and household this way, I would be bankrupt quickly. We cannot continue to run a nation on this big of a deficit.  It will catch up with us, and it will be more painful than doing the right thing now.

Everyone thinks there is no way the good old USA can fail. It can happen unless we make some serious and drastic changes in our spending.

Deuteronomy 28:11 says ” You will lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow.” This is just one of the blessings God gave to Israel if they followed Him and obeyed His commandments. However, the flip side was the curse if they did not follow Him and obey Him. I am afraid that is where we are now .

The only answer is repentance and asking God to forgive us for not being good stewards of of the blessings He has bestowed on this great nation. I pray He will have mercy and give us godly leaders who will do the right thing even if it is the unpopular thing and help us stop the madness!