Perry’s Band of Brothers

I have just returned from four fantastic days in Iowa where I was a part of 500 volunteers, representing 30 states to volunteer for Rick Perry’s Strike Force.  The team of volunteers and staff were amazing, and I believe Rick Perry would have been in first place in every Iowan had gotten to meet them or Rick Perry and his family. Many did and they voted for him, but unfortunately many have seen the mischaracterization of the Governor.

Governor Perry is an amazing man of character, faith and principle. He doesn’t change positions based on polls, but stands by his convictions. He loves his wife and his family. He has known Anita since grade school.  He was born to tenant farmers and did not have indoor plumbing until later in his childhood.  He was an Eagle Scout and attended church every Sunday. He sold Bibles in the summer to make extra money.

I know Governor Perry and his wife, Anita well. They are loyal to the core. In fact, his very best friends and their wives were all a part of the strike force. They all came and paid their own way to spend New Year’s Eve in Des Moines, Iowa, because they know him better than anyone.  Many of the wives, who are not politically inclined were knocking on doors in 20 degree weather to tell people about the man they have known for 35 years.  I went door to door with one of his college buddies, who has known Rick Perry since he was 18 years old. I heard him say over and over again how the Governor has not changed one bit. He said that the Governor would just pick up the phone and call and see how he and his family were doing.

I spent a great deal of time with these men and their wives. I had met them last year at his Texas Inauguration and was greatly impressed that these friends were still such an active part of his life. But when I walked into the hotel lobby on Sunday and saw them all again, I knew this spoke volumes about the man, Rick Perry and his character.  You are known by the company that you keep, and you have heard the saying “birds of a feather, flock together.”

These men were so fun, loyal, and completely assured that Rick Perry is the man for the task of the Presidency.  They are all his friends, but also believe that he has what it takes to fulfill the responsibilities of the Presidency. And after all, who should know him better than these friends? They have seen him through most every stage of his life since college. They were in his wedding, and they know the man’s love for his wife, family ,country and friends.

Their wives, too have become wonderful friends with both Rick and Anita. They are such a close group, but are always so welcoming to new friends, like me. They took me under their wings, and were so kind, generous, and gracious, just like the Perrys are.

This band of brothers tell me that if you measure a man by the company that he keeps, well Rick Perry is a man we need in stark contrast to the the man we have in the White House now whose company he keeps has been questionable since the beginning.

You can judge a man by the company he keeps, and I can tell you with first hand experience that the company that Rick Perry keeps are true Americans who love God, their families, and their country.  May we be so blessed to have Rick Perry as our next President of the United States of America.