A man of principle

Never have I been more discouraged and concerned about our nation and its leadership. Many people have been sounding the alarm over the past several years that our nation is at a crossroads. People who love America and are saddened to see her decline.  Many of those same people have felt called to put themselves out there to be on the frontline of the battle, only to be shot down and wounded by their very own.

One of those wonderful men, is Governor Rick Perry of Texas. He is the longest serving governor presiding over a state that is the thirteenth largest economy in the world. He has a proven record of job creation, low taxes, strong on family and pro-life. He was happy as a lark doing the job he loves most in his home state of Texas.  But others, saw his potential and leadership skills and urged him to please consider running for President of the United States. He very kindly declined. He wrote a fabulous book about being “fed up” with the over-reaching hand of our government. The movement gained momentum and more and more people came to him and urged him to please reconsider and help our nation get back on track. Some of us prayed and truly believed he was called to run at this particular time.  His wife and family were totally behind him, and after much deliberation, he did jump in the game.

He started off with a bang and made his announcement in August on the same day as the Iowa straw poll. He immediately soared to the top of the polls and was the frontrunner.  It looked as if there would be no competition, as he really did have the record to back up what he stands for. He was the conservative with the executive experience that so many were looking for.

But unfortunately, in our new political environment and more debates in the history of primary season, and a couple of poor debate performances, his numbers began to fall and it seems as if not enough people were willing to give him a second chance. Debating is not one of his strong suits, although after his last three debates, one might argue with that.  Newt Gingrich has great ideas, but has a lot of baggage, and at times is his own worst enemy.   Mitt Romney is not considered a true conservative because of his Romneycare and other issues that he has flip-flopped on. Herman Cain came and went, but had a great way with words and resounded with the people. Rick Santorum has great appeal to many because of his stand for life, which I so applaud, but has not been able to gain traction with the majority of Republicans. Michelle Bachmann had a great fire in her belly, but it did not catch on with the base. And what can I say about Ron Paul, but bless his heart!

No candidate is perfect, and I am afraid after watching firsthand how this political machine works, that fewer and fewer good men and women are going to subject themselves and their families to this brutality. I was deeply disappointed in Fox News even in their bias against Governor Perry.  I am not saying that he did not make some mistakes, of course he did and he will be the first to tell you that. But one of the best traits about him is that he says what he believes and believes what he says regardless of polls or political correctness. It used to be that is what we want in a President, but now it is more like a reality show process.

And the worst thing of all, is that some of the very people that were clamoring for him to get in the race, were some of the loudest voices telling him it was time to bow out!  My brother asked me this week-end who I am going to vote for in the primary. I told him that Rick Perry’s name is still on the Georgia ballot and for principle’s sake I am voting for him. And I told him, of course I will vote for the nominee in November, because we must defeat Obama, but it was the principle for me.  He said “principles don’t win elections, people do.”  It was a very profound statement, and my brother has a very dry sense of humor and thinks I live in “lala land” most of the time.  I have thought about what he said and he is right, but there was a time that people won elections on principles. Ronald Reagan was one of those people. I hope those precious twin boys of my brother’s don’t grow up to only see people win elections because of the amount of money they have or the political machine behind them.  I hope they see in their aunt a love for God and country and the principles that our great nation was founded upon.

Rick Perry is a man of principle. He embodies those leadership qualities we need in our country. He has gone back to lead the state that he loves, and continues to fight the good fight. Sadly, most people did not get to know the man that I know, but I hope and pray he will be back and all will see the man of principle that I am proud to call my friend.