Ginger for Georgia

 Yes, I have officially decided to run for Georgia National Committeewoman. Many of you may be asking what does the Georgia National Committeewoman do?  The Republican National Committee members consist of a National Committeeman, a National Committeewoman and a Chairperson from each state. The main role is to represent your state party on a national level and in turn represent the national party on a state and local level. Basically, one serves as a liaison between the two.

On a national level, the RNC members elect the Chairman and Co-Chairman of the Republican National Committee and create and maintain policies and rules, along with other responsibilities, including organizing and running the National Convention.  It is essential that there is communication between the state and local leaders with the national party.  Also, it is important for the National Committeeman, National Committeewoman and the Chairman of the State to work together as a team.

I believe because of my experience in the grassroots level of volunteering for many years on various campaigns, and my background of owning a small business for nineteen years uniquely qualifies me to run for this position.  I truly feel I have my finger on the pulse of the foundation of our party as a conservative grassroots activist. I also believe in the core principles of the Republican party: lower taxes, limited government and personal responsibility.

I have stated many times and written various blogs about our country being at a crossroads, and we must be discerning of the times. We are in a now season, meaning that we must seize every opportunity we can to save our nation. The Republican party is not perfect, but I believe with people serving in every level of leadership with core convictions, we can return our party and our nation back to the founding principles our forefathers fought so valiantly for. But we must act now, before it is too late.

That is why I have decided to throw my hat into the ring and be a voice for conservative principles and the people who are the backbone of our great party and nation. The election will be held in Columbus on May 19th, and only delegates are eligible to vote. I would be honored to have your support, and if you are not a delegate, please tell your friends who are. May God bless Georgia and the United States of America!