The Day After the Day After

The day after my election, I woke up with a throbbing head-ache that would not go away.  My mother was here and put a cold washcloth on my forehead and gave me something for it. It never went away. I was exhausted, mentally and physically.  Every muscle and bone in my body ached. I played over and over in my mind how could I have done things differently. Should I have had them tell the numbers because they were so close? Did I not say the right things in my speech? Should I have talked with 12 more people?

And this morning, I woke up before 3 am because I could not sleep. I emailed all of my prayer friends to ask them to pray for me. Sometimes, when you can’t pray for yourself, you need others to stand in the gap for you. I was up for about an hour and a half  then went back to sleep.

When I woke up this morning, I could actually tell others had been praying for me. My headache was gone, and I felt so much better! I had sweet texts, emails and messages from dear friends wishing me comfort and words of encouragement. I had my quiet time, which I have not been able to have in the past few days, and that renewed my strength.

I got up, took a shower, put on make-up and put on a pretty dress! That always makes a girl feel better. I went to the Varsity and got a chili slaw dog, fries and a coke, which is a very rare treat for me.

My sweet Na Na, mom and brother all called to check in with me.  I am so loved and know that in all of this God is preparing me for something else!  He always has a plan and I know He will reveal it to me in His timing and His way.

But in the meantime, I met so many new and wonderful friends all over the state of Georgia. I am humbled and honored that almost 850 people voted for me.  First, I heard I lost by 19, then 12, then 6. But it really does not matter what the actual number is, the fact is I did not win.  However, I believe I won in many other ways. I learned how to grassroots campaign with phone calls, visits, emails, etc. I learned how many true and loyal friends I have. I also saw the hurtful side of politics, at times, and have had to toughen up. I am still working on that.  For instance, I offered a man at the convention a gingersnap and he told me he was so for my opponent that it would make him sick to eat it. I just smiled and said “thank you.”  My friends and family have been praying for my skin to get tougher. I believe it has, but I still have a long way to go.

I also learned that I love campaigning! I love going to old school houses, GOP Headquarters, and  traveling to different towns. Everyone was so kind and generous. The people I met truly care about our great state and our country.

I believe and hope that I am better person after going through this campaign and election. Many great candidates lost their first election.  A very wise friend advised me when I first announced that I was going to run with these words, “You have to be prepared to win, and you have to be prepared to lose.” I know one thing…. I’ll be back because I love this county and I want to serve in whatever way God will choose.

So the day after the day after, I have hope, and excitement. I also want to thank all of my dear friends and supporters who helped me and voted for me and put their confidence in me. I am humbled by your faith in me! And my slogan is still…….Ginger for Georgia!