The Freedom Five

This morning four of my friends and I began a brand new adventure. We are hosting a Nationally Syndicated Radio Web show on  I thought I would share with your our introduction.  We began watching the series “24” three years ago every Sunday night, and continue to this day as we are on Season 7. We are conservative activists who are different in many ways, but have one thing in common: Love for God and country.


“Over a six month period about three years ago, six women came together from various venues, including church, activist gatherings, introductions from friends to “would be” fellow activists, chance meetings and conversations, and all the fortuitous events that bring a group of freedom fighters and friends together.

The biggest catalyst for this gathering of freedom fighters was the election of Barack Obama to the White House, along with all his other leftist cronies who came along for the ride.  As we watched the intial salvos againsts our financial freedom, including the $787 billion “stimulus’ package, the GM bail out, the threat of Obamacare along with so many other circumventings of the US Constitution and the rule of law, we each knew we had to take action.

We are six unique conservative Christian women with different backgrounds and walks of life, who likely would not have come together had it not been for our individual frustrations and shared mounting concerns about our country and the direction it is heading.

That was three plus years ago, many trips, rallies, meetings and campaigns later, here we are today, sitting together on America’s Web Radio debuting our first Web Radio Show and soon, we will be sharing with you our personal journey’s- Where we’ve been and where we hope to go with this web radio opportunity.

Not one of us has prior media nor Web Radio experience nor expertise, so know this is new ground for each of us.  We have busy lives but felt called given this opportunity to share our concerns as a group of like-minded women.

Our mission statement for this show is as follows- To Inform you, to Inspire you, and Involove you! We are here for YOU, and like us, YOU have a voice too!

All of us sitting here are convinced that our country and way of life is teetering on the brink of destruction-that life, our American life as we know it, is changing rapidly and only with ACTION can the outcome of that direction be altered.

The stakes are high- Our freedoms and liberties are disappearing, our government is too large- seeping into every aspect of our lives.  There are too many dependent on our Government and our National Debt is off the charts, our taxes are rising and unemployment levels are growing as well…the list of our concerns is endless, our quality of life as we’ve known it is morphing into something we don’t recognize, and our frustrations are high.

“We the people” can do something about that, and it starts with each and every one of us-including YOU, the listener out there!! We all share an individual responsibility to do what is necessary to preserve our great nation and freedom.  The values and principles for which we were founded are vanishing.

We need to do ALL we can, not just for ourselves and our country, but for future generations, if we  are going to preserve the America we know and love…That is our God given right and responsibility!!

Let us-

Get Informed

Get Inspired

and Get Involved….. That is our mission and hopefully it will be yours.

Whether you’ve done anything political prior to this moment or not, we are here to help and hope that we can give you the information and resources you need to get off the sidelines, get involved and get started. There is nothing more empowering than doing something, anything big or small towards what you believe in and hold dear in your heart. It all matters-Something is better than nothing!

This is not a call to sacrifice, but a call to show your love of God and country-Our country; To preserve the freedoms and liberties of our great country- The United States of America.

So, as we launch our first show this morning and embark on this journey, we hope you’ll be with us, not just today, but in the days and weeks to come.  None of us thought we could make a difference but guess what, together we have, and together WE CAN and WILL make a difference.  So…stay with us, stay tuned and like us, begin somewhere.  Locally, nationally, YOU can make a difference, together WE can make a difference-beginning now-starting today-GOD BLESS AMERICA!”

The Freedom Five, from left to right: Nancy Saunders, Ginger Howard, Amy Peil, Debbie Moscato and Cheryl Lavette

Nancy Saunders, Ginger Howard, Amy Peil, Chery Lavette, Debbie Moscato