Franklin Graham’s Decision America Tour

6800 gathered at Liberty Plaza in front of Georgia State Capitol to pray for our nation!

6,800 people gathered at Liberty Plaza in front of the Georgia State Capitol to pray for our nation!

I attended the Franklin Graham Decision America Tour in downtown Atlanta this past Wednesday, February 10, 2016. I was inspired and encouraged by the event in a number of ways, and I had four main takeaways:

#1) People really care about the state of our nation. 

I was absolutely blown away by the crowd! Despite the biting wind and freezing temperatures, 6,800 people showed up to join together in solidarity to PRAY for our state and nation. The mood was somber and reverent. Everyone was given an American flag to hold during the event, and it was incredibly moving to look out upon thousands of people of different races, backgrounds, ages, and political parties who were unified in prayer–all waving the red, white, and blue.

#2) The importance and value of corporate prayer. 

After worship, Franklin Graham led the crowd together in a corporate prayer. We held hands with fellow believers, and we confessed personal sins and the sins of our nation as a whole. It was a powerful time for gathering, and just as Nehemiah rebuilt the wall with only a few people, I believe that this tour in all 50 states will bring the body of Christ into unity to restore our nation to its founding principles…including principles of religious liberty that the settlers came here to establish centuries ago.

#3) Christians have to be engaged in the political process.

Franklin Graham challenged Christians to pray about who to vote for–to vote for candidates whose words AND lives reflect biblical principles.

…He challenged Christians get involved in every level of politics, from local to national levels, and for people to support Christian candidates who do feel called to run.

He also placed blame over the state of our nation at the feet of Christians, because of their lack of involvement in the political process.

#4) If we don’t stand for religious liberty now, we risk losing it for good.

It was not an accident that Franklin Graham came to Atlanta on Georgia’s Religious Liberty Day. Many of us (400 plus people) gathered at an event to hear speakers who have personally been affected by the assault on religious liberty….. (including the Benham brothers, Alveda King, Rafael Cruz,etc. and we also lobbied our legislators to pass two crucial bills. The first is House Bill 837 which helps prevent government discrimination against all people of faith in Georgia. And the second is  Senate Bill 284 which would protect Georgia citizens from hostile government actions against a person for his or her sincerely held religious beliefs expressed in speech or action, and that marriage is only the union of one man and one woman.

Religious liberty is a God-given right, and it we don’t pass these bills now, we risk losing our religious freedoms in Georgia. We have been far too silent. One person can make a really big difference for good or for evil.

It was an amazing day, and I am very hopeful that I will see in my lifetime a true awakening of the Church engaging with the political process that affects every area of our society.


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