What It Means to Lead as Your Republican National Committeewoman


This is a speech delivered on the morning of April 6th, 2016 to the North Metro Republican Women’s club.



I want to begin by acknowledging each of you and your commitment to the Republican Party over the last several years… This club has been around for a very long time, and I want to honor and recognize the notable level of engagement in the political process that all of you have demonstrated….my hope is that 60 years from now there will be young people from the next generation gathering in clubs, just like this one, who are as committed to conservative principles as you all are.

Over the last several years, we all have seen our fair share of leaders in the Republican party…there have been some strong ones, and those who failed to lead. History has taught us much about what truly strong leadership looks like.

I have spent time reflecting on the kind of leader and Committeewoman I want to be for you, for our state, and for our nation. And the model of the committeewoman I want to be is drawn from:

  • The legacy of great leaders from our past — that I admired from both near and far — many of whom I had the opportunity to work with on campaign trails.
  • My own personal experience in business, politics, and life.


First, I want to touch on three effective Republican leaders and what about their leadership I respect, admire, and hope to practice:

  • The first is Ronald Reagan—and while he was an incredible leader for many reasons, his gift of GREAT COMMUNICATION is especially significant to me.
    • In his farewell speech, in acknowledging his nickname of the great communicator, he said, “I really wasn’t a great communicator—I just communicated great things”
    • There’s a lot that needs to be fixed—a lot that is broken in our country and in our party—but communicating HOPE is empowering and important for facing the tasks that lie ahead.
    • Like Reagan, I want to have an optimistic perspective and message; to communicate the great principles that our party was founded on—limited government, lower taxes, and personal responsibility…and to keep casting a vision that is a reminder of what the Republican party was built for.
  • The second leader is George W Bush — and his SERVANT-HEARTED NATURE — that was infused in all he did.
    • From his behind the scenes work with wounded veterans, to his selfless act of surprising our troops in Iraq on Thanksgiving—leaving his own family and going into a war zone for the sake of encouraging the soldiers fighting for us abroad—his life is bursting with testimonies of service and sacrifice.
    • He consistently was concerned with the state of other people, putting his own self-interest aside.
    • I’ve read numerous George W. Bush biographies, and it is evident that he lived and breathed HUMILITY. As a child, his mother taught him the proverb–“Let another praise you, not your own mouth…” and he lived by those wise words day in and day out as our Commander and Chief.
    • Like George W. Bush, I want to be a leader who is humble and leads by serving.
  • And the third leader is Former Governor Rick Perry. I admire him most for how he always WALKED THE TALK.
    • He had a “Show me, don’t tell me” philosophy that he faithfully lived out as the longest serving governor of the great state of Texas with the 12th largest economy in the world!
    • He led with not just his words, but with his ACTIONS.
    • He said that he was committed to small government, bettering the education system, prison reform, job growth, protecting the lives of unborn children, and national security, and he spent his time in office working on each and every one of the commitments he made.
    • Like Rick Perry, I want to lead with integrity, transparency, and perseverance, and to work tirelessly to promote the conservative principles our nation was founded upon.


So, like these three great leaders, I pledge to be servant hearted, to communicate hope, and to honor my commitment to conservatism in both word and deed.


Considering how my personal experiences have equipped me to lead as committeewoman, I am aware of the desperate need we have for UNITY in our country. Reagan, Bush, and Perry were all amazing unifiers, but I believe that given the horrifically divisive nature of the current presidential campaign, the need for unity in our PARTY and our NATION has never been greater.

Fostering unity is something I have done in business, politics, and personal life.

In the 23 years that I have been a small business owner, I’ve had to manage conflicts in the workplace and facilitate conflict resolutions that are beneficial to all my employees.

In the 18 years that I’ve been a bible study leader, I have discipled and mentored over 100 girls. After managing conflict between so many middle school and high school girls for so many years, I’ve practically earned myself a doctorate in psychology.

As far as unity in the political realm, I have been involved in numerous organizations and campaigns over the years: Saxby Chambliss’ first and second election campaigns, George W. Bush, Rick Perry, Romney, AFP, and I was chaplain of the GFRW

One experience that sticks out to me is being the volunteer coordinator for Saxby’s reelection campaign…where I was faced with the challenge of organizing AND unifying LOTS of people.

In using encouragement to make people feel appreciated, we rewarded volunteers who went the extra mile, and in doing so, fostered hard work and togetherness amongst the volunteers.

All these experiences have equipped me with tools to find common ground between different types of people, to create an environment where people feel valued, and to promote productivity and efficiency.

I believe these experiences of being a small business owner, being involved in politics, and working with young women, have taught me invaluable lessons that I’d like to transfer to the role of being Georgia’s Republican National Committeewoman…to help bring unity back to our party and nation.

I want to be Georgia’s conservative voice to the RNC, and I would love to have your support!