RNC and GA Convention Recap!

It’s official! One week ago today I became the new Republican National Committeewoman for Georgia. I am honored and privileged to serve on the governing body of the RNC. I met many wonderful grassroots activists from all over the country who also serve on the RNC. I want to thank Linda Herren again for her commitment and service to the state of Georgia and the RNC for the last 12 years. Randy Evans, our National Committeeman, and our Chair John Padgett, have been so helpful in helping me get acclimated to my new role.

I attended the summer RNC meeting, which was held the week before the National Convention in Cleveland, OH. I want to give a quick overview of the state of the Republican National Committee and our finances.

The RNC convention was fully funded at $15.6 million, all raised before convention. For comparison, through May, the DNC had raised less than $2 million for their convention. The RNC has $20 million cash on hand, and has raised $5 million for a recount fund, if needed. The DNC has raised less than $250,000 for their recount fund.

The GA delegation had an amazing and historic week in Cleveland at the RNC Convention. The show of law enforcement was overwhelming and the people of Cleveland seemed like Southern transplants with their kindness and generosity. Our GA GOP staff did an outstanding job making sure that this convention was most memorable. We were honored to have our Senators, David Perdue and Johnny Isakson speak to our delegation. We also were blessed to have Congressmen Rick Allen, Tom Price, Rob Woodall, Buddy Carter, Doug Collins, and our Secretary of State Brian Kemp all speak at our breakfasts.

One of my highlights was Charlene, who was on our wait staff at breakfast every morning. She was our biggest cheerleader, and we gave her passes to the Convention. On the last night, she was down on the Convention floor in her red, white and blue, cheering. The head of the wait staff asked to speak to our delegation on the last day, and proceeded to tell us how in all the years of waiting on people, never had a group been so kind and she had completely changed her mind about Republicans.

Please feel free to contact me at any time. Let’s get to work to elect Donald Trump and all Republicans this November!

May God Bless You,
Ginger Howard