As you all know, Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton was not only historic, but it was unprecedented. Congratulations to SO many people that worked SO hard on the Trump campaign…your work was not in vain!


Though some remain baffled by the election results, the American people made their voice loud and clear: the country is hungry for change. President-elect Trump’s message resonated with Americans who feel like our nation has been in a downward spiral, and he connected with the men and women who feel forgotten. As the media has eluded to, the American people have chosen a man who is not politically correct, and who has no political background, because they are frustrated with the current state of affairs. We are hopeful that President-elect Trump will address the corruption, mismanagement, and hypocrisy in DC and get our country back on the right track!

And as he and VP-elect Mike Pence embark on this daunting task, they need our prayers, now more than ever. Faced with the challenge of pulling together a divided and broken country, we need to pray for wisdom, patience, humility, and perseverance for our leaders.  I really do believe that with God’s help, Trump and Pence can help make America great again!

Already counting down the days until the inauguration on January 20th, 2017!

God bless you,