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A Conversation With Ginger

Blog Radio host Dave Emanuel interviewed Ginger Howard this week, and she had the chance to share her vision for the role of RNC Committeewoman. Please share!    


What It Means to Lead as Your Republican National Committeewoman

  This is a speech delivered on the morning of April 6th, 2016 to the North Metro Republican Women’s club. ___________________________   I want to begin by acknowledging each of you and your commitment to the Republican Party over the last several years… This club has been around for a very long time, and I
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6800 gathered at Liberty Plaza in front of Georgia State Capitol to pray for our nation!

Franklin Graham’s Decision America Tour

I attended the Franklin Graham Decision America Tour in downtown Atlanta this past Wednesday, February 10, 2016. I was inspired and encouraged by the event in a number of ways, and I had four main takeaways: #1) People really care about the state of our nation.  I was absolutely blown away by the crowd! Despite the biting
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6th GOP debate in Charleston, SC!

Debate Review

I have just returned home from Charleston, SC, where I attended the first debate I have watched this presidential season since Governor Rick Perry suspended his race September 11th. It has been a peculiar and unusual election cycle. We began with seventeen candidates, and in my humble opinion, the best and finest candidates were the
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Goodbye 1011 Seminole Trail

I drove out of my Nana’s driveway for the last time Mother’s Day weekend in a rented cargo van filled with furnishings and trinkets from her home. I don’t believe at the time that the finality of never ever coming back to 1011 Seminole Trail was a reality.  But yesterday, a young couple with two
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