What now?

Election day has come and gone, and for many of us the question is “what now?”  Many fellow patriots across this great nation have given their time, treasures and talents to help stop the tide of Socialism. There is no doubt that is where our country is headed. We were defeated last night with a
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A Week to Remember!

  Last week, I was honored to serve as a National Delegate from the Fifth District of Georgia to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.  There were threats of violence to happen from protestors and a looming threat of a hurricane.  But, we were spared both, thank the Lord! Three of my dearest friends
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Nancy Saunders, Ginger Howard, Amy Peil, Chery Lavette, Debbie Moscato

The Freedom Five

This morning four of my friends and I began a brand new adventure. We are hosting a Nationally Syndicated Radio Web show on  I thought I would share with your our introduction.  We began watching the series “24” three years ago every Sunday night, and continue to this day as we are on Season
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Friends forever

Last week was such a sweet and wonderful week at the beach with my family and my NaNa who will be 99 years young one month from today! One day we had five generations there. NaNa now has two great great grandchildren. While there, I received news that my oldest and dearest friend’s grandmother had
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The Day After the Day After

The day after my election, I woke up with a throbbing head-ache that would not go away.  My mother was here and put a cold washcloth on my forehead and gave me something for it. It never went away. I was exhausted, mentally and physically.  Every muscle and bone in my body ached. I played
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Ginger for Georgia

 Yes, I have officially decided to run for Georgia National Committeewoman. Many of you may be asking what does the Georgia National Committeewoman do?  The Republican National Committee members consist of a National Committeeman, a National Committeewoman and a Chairperson from each state. The main role is to represent your state party on a national
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