As Georgia’s Republican National Committeewoman, I am committed to being “Georgia’s Conservative Voice to the RNC.” I aim to be a mouthpiece for Georgians, advocating for what matters most to the people across the state, and to put all my efforts towards increasing communication between the people of Georgia and the leadership of the Republican Party.

I have developed the following communication model for how to best be “Georgia’s conservative voice to the RNC” and how to best represent you as your Republican National committeewoman:

Communication Model Platform

There are three parts to this model:

I will 1) listen, 2) advocate, and 3) inform:

  1. Listen:
    • In order to represent you and your concerns to the RNC, I have dedicated (and will continue to dedicate) ample time and space to hear from people across GA. I have devoted the last several months to attending county and district meetings, as well as going to the meetings of local conservative groups, showing the grassroots that I sincerely value them.
    • I have built my campaign on having one-on-one conversations where I have listened to the concerns and hopes of Georgians in the northern, southern, eastern, and western parts of our state…and I am continuing to go to local meetings in between the quarterly RNC gatherings.
    • So, I will take your voices from the conversations I’ve had, and I will synthesize them into one coherent voice that I will use to represent every single Georgian to the RNC.
  2. Advocate:
    • An advocate is someone who is a defender, a promoter, an upholder, a supporter, a speaker, and a person who champions others…
    • During the RNC meetings, I champion YOU–defend YOU–promote YOU–uphold YOUR values–and speak for YOU, standing for the very concerns that you’ve shared with me.
    • And, I will VOTE according to the conservative values and principles that Georgians hold most dear. It is in voting that RNC members have their greatest impact…so I give you my word that I will be unwavering in my commitment to you and your conservative values with EACH AND EVERY VOTE I CAST.
  3. Inform:
    • After RNC meetings, I send email updates to all the delegates, and any other community leaders, organizations, and Georgians who sign up to receive the updates on my website. I care that each one of you is informed and aware of the decisions being made by the RNC on your behalf, and I pledge to equip you with information from the meetings so that every Georgian is in the loop.


Issues that Matter

Honoring the United States Constitution
I believe the Constitution is the foundation of this great nation and we have not upheld it as we should. I am a conservative Constitutionalist and believe all legislation should be measured against it.

Limited Government
Our founders knew the danger of expanded government and I believe our government has far outreached her boundaries. I believe in limited government and personal responsibility.

Fewer Taxes
I believe people who work hard for their money can use and manage it much better than the government does. We cannot spend and regulate our way to prosperity. I believe in low taxes, a strong dollar, free trade and low regulation.

National Security
I believe in a strong national defense and Ronald Reagan’s philosophy “Peace through strength.”

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
I believe in the sanctity of every human life and without life, there can be no liberty nor pursuit of happiness.

I believe that the United States must be Israel’s strongest ally. We must stand with them against all nations who want to annihilate them.

I support the traditional family unit. I believe a strong family is critical to a strong country. When families fall apart, nations are soon to follow. The family is the backbone of our society.