FullSizeRender (1)"I have known Ginger Howard for years.  She has not become a rising star in the Republican Party because of her connection to other people, but because of her own tireless work to advance the principles of the party.  I can think of no finer person to serve as a National Committeewoman than my friend Ginger Howard.”
 “More particularly, as a conservative, I realize that if conservatives do not put in a solid conservative, someone who claims to share our values, but really does not share our values may take that seat.  I encourage everyone who believes in the values our party professes to support Ginger.  I know her and know she is what she claims to be and has gotten there in her own right.”
- Erick Erickson

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A Week to Remember!

  Last week, I was honored to serve as a National Delegate from the Fifth District of Georgia to the...

Nancy Saunders, Ginger Howard, Amy Peil, Chery Lavette, Debbie Moscato

The Freedom Five

This morning four of my friends and I began a brand new adventure. We are hosting a Nationally Syndicated Radio...


Friends forever

Last week was such a sweet and wonderful week at the beach with my family and my NaNa who will...

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The Day After the Day After

The day after my election, I woke up with a throbbing head-ache that would not go away.  My mother was...

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Ginger for Georgia

 Yes, I have officially decided to run for Georgia National Committeewoman. Many of you may be asking what does the...


A man of principle

Never have I been more discouraged and concerned about our nation and its leadership. Many people have been sounding the...

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Perry’s Band of Brothers

I have just returned from four fantastic days in Iowa where I was a part of 500 volunteers, representing 30...

The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City

For the past several years, the Saturday before Christmas I have taken girls from my Bible Studies downtown to minister...

A Small Town Thanksgiving

A Small Town Thanksgiving

I went to Waycross this week for Thanksgiving, and I am always amazed at the difference of life in a...

Restoring our foundations

Restoring our foundations

I was asked to speak this past week-end at the National Federation of Republican Women’s Convention in Kansas City at...

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